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What We Do

Bring businesses and spaces to reality from concept to execution.

We work across Lisbon and Europe in industries of hospitality, culture, wellness, and entertainment. Bringing experience and inspiration from cultures all around the world. Now, living in Lisbon we use our creative thinking and collective talent network to build brands, create platforms, and bring together different communities from local to global audiences with an intention to make memorable and unique experiences.


Our work spreads from Lisbon to across Europe and the United States in business consulting for new digital platforms, community spaces, or cultural projects with a breadth of work from social activism events, to technology showcases, to cultural hotels.

Visit our fully owned and most recent public project, TWELVE LISBOA. A summer pop-up lounge we created within 6 weeks to grasp Lisbon’s buzzing summer energy. The pop-up acts as an example of us bringing together local and global talent to quickly activate a space that’s underutilized while helping indirectly bring new audiences to the venue’s permanent Michelin Star restaurant. The space is intended to host broad cultural programming and unite different communities and cultural makers.



Building with intentionality and purpose of changing models, creating new connections, and expanding social circles is how we can help preserve culture and integration as urban development evolves.


Our Services

With Selected Partners for:
Social Media, Content Writing, Translation, PR, Programming
Real Estate, Distribution, Investment, Grant Writing

Creating and Designing Businesses
Fresh Ideas (spaces, products, campaigns, etc)
Market Research & Positioning Strategy
Business Development (start, pivot, grow)
Brand & Story Creation
Communication Strategy (Press, Online, Social)
Fundraising & Pitch Decks

Launch Strategy & Experiential Events
Talent Recruiting (from accountants to developers, to illustrators)
Private Event Talent
Produce/Service Distribution in Green Tech, Hospitality, Health & Culture


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